World debut!

The next generation of dental floss

  • Completely new, patented dental floss system
  • Very easy to handle
  • Extraordinary design
  • Wide range of users

About MediFloss

Range of use

MediFloss can be integrated into daily oral hygiene by all age groups with no great additional effort. The system is suitable for use by young people, adults and senior citizens as well as for the first time with infants, children and in geriatric dentistry (care personnel).

Special feature

The product is based on a completely new approach, as MediFloss has set itself apart from the handling of conventional dental floss and the commercially available lever system. The innovative ring system transmits a unique, sensitive, tactile feeling to the finger pad and avoids gum injuries.


The fingertip is the organ with the most sensitive sense of touch. The sense of touch takes place via mechanoreceptors, thermoreceptors and sensory receptors. Their density is highest at the fingertips, enabling fine structures to be differentiated and an optimal sense of pressure.


Ring attachments of different sizes and the associated carriages offer every customer the right configuration of their cleaning device. The carriage, which is extremely light, can be manufactured from conventional plastics or compostable bio-plastics – an important contribution to global environmental protection.

1. Push the carriage onto the ring

2. Turn the carriage clockwise by 90°

3. Tension and Secure

4. Push onto the index finger

5. Guide with thumb and middle finger (for lower jaw)

6. Rotate by 180° (for upper jaw)


The system consists of two separate components: the carriage (1) with the corresponding dental floss and a ring-shaped base body (2) for control and handling during use. The two components are connected by a rotary mechanism that, in its final position, tensions the dental floss and at the same time secures the carriage.

The dental floss tensioning system thereby generates a constant tension that conveys a unique sensitive feeling In conjunction with an individual depth stop as a bite protector, the risk of injuring the gingiva is reduced to a minimum.

About us

GSTS Innovation GmbH was founded in 2018 by Stefan Gibisch (master dental technician) and Dr Tomas Schäfer (dentist). The goal of the joint company is the development and marketing of products in the dental field. The first selfdeveloped product MediFloss is a newly-conceived product for the cleaning of the interdental spaces.

Stefan Gibisch

Stefan Gibisch

Born 1967 in Augsburg
married with two children

1987 Apprenticeship examination with distinction as Federal champion
1991 Establishment of company in Mering
1994 Master examination in dental technology
2012 Further company established in Munich

Dr. Tomás Schäfer

Dr. Tomás Schäfer

Born 1967 in Göttingen
married with four children

1996 State examination in Dentistry in Regensburg
1996 - 1998 Assistant dentist in Augsburg
2003 Doctorate at the Faculty of Medicine in Regensburg
1998 Takeover of the joint practice in Schwindegg
2008 Relocation to newly built premises and digitisation of the complete dental surgery
2009 ISO certification of the surgery


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